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“Credit Management Group continues to provide excellent service for both myself and many of my clients. Their integrity and unbridled persistence has helped my clients to achieve both short term and long term goals. Ultimately we are all responsible for keeping our credit report accurate. Their team can easily take care of that for you. I promise you will have a great experience dealing with CMG.”

Rick W.

“I just wanted to thank you again for helping me with my credit. You are a Godsend in many ways. Thank you!”

Philip A.

“Beverly, I am emailing you to thank the credit management group for the effort and professionalisam that you have shown me over the past several months. I am notifying you also that I closed on refinancing my home yesterday. I will be sending this week to you the last documents I received from the credit bureaus. If you would please respond and let me know the final analysis on my report.  Once again I commend all for a job well done. Thank you!”

Adam C.

“Not in a very good financial situation and then I was introduced to The Credit Management Group and what a world of difference they made in my life financially ! Joel Moody and his staff went right to work and since March my credit score has Improved over 250 points !! I can say without reservation that they’ve changed my life financially and mentally !!! I recommend them to anyone seeking financial relief and stability to contact CMG !!!!”

L. J. Kilby

“It is my experience that society has ill-prepared us for financial responsibility and stewardship as young adults. Building a healthy “credit profile” was never on my radar in college. I literally paid for it over the first 8 years of marriage, driving our credit into the pit until I met Joel at Credit Management Group. His team has not only turned our credit profile 180º in less than a year, they’ve also educated us on the steps we need to take to build a better financial future as a family.”

Benjamin C.

“This place is the real deal in 60 days of this service my wife and qualified for our new home at 3.25% Joel and his staff are professional and great to work with a true way to repair you’re credit for a second chance.”

Rickey R.

I was introduced to Joel by my realtor, I needed to repair my credit to be able to buy my home and he and his staff really delivers 100%. In less than 6 months my credit is almost perfect! Thanks Joel! I will recommend you to everyone that I know.”

Jaqueline V.

Frequently Asked Questions

A study shows that nearly 80% of all Americans with a credit file have some form of errors included in their report. Errors with their name, address and even social security numbers. Other errors include late payments, tax liens, collections and bankruptcies. Many reports contain duplicate accounts and outdated information that negatively impact the consumer’s credit score.  It seems like credit impacts just about everything these days. Having less poor credit can cost you thousands of additional dollars when it comes to things like home and car loans. It can make things like needed dental work impossible to afford. Fortunately, the law affords every person the opportunity to dispute your poor and inaccurate credit.

Credit Management Group has been helping clients with their personal credit issues for over a decade. We specialize in removing inaccurate, unverifiable & outdated information that is reported by all 3 major reporting agencies. Our service is a month to month contract with no long term obligations. We are a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and a member of the local Chamber of Commerce. Our friendly and prompt staff makes the difference in helping you reach your credit goals.

We use the latest technology and dispute tactics to achieve some of the best results in the industry. We are a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and a member of the local Chamber of Commerce. Our friendly and prompt staff makes the difference in helping you reach your credit goals. We are a low volume high quality service that gets results.

    • Custom Dispute Letters
    • Personalized Handwritten Envelopes
    • CFPB & FTC complaints filed on behalf of clients
    • Removal of paid Federal Tax Liens

There's no easy answer to this frequently asked question. Truthfully, the time it takes to repair your credit is dependent upon your unique situation. We value your situation and we'll provide a customized game plan to suit your needs. In most cases it takes 4-6 months to repair your credit but it rarely takes more than 12.

Repairing your credit can literally change your life but the cost to get your game plan in place starts at $99 per month. There is a startup fee that ranges depending on your unique situation but we'll cover that in a free initial consultation.

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